Through a tailored interactive and role-playing format in a half-day or full-day session, discover

public talk, presentation or media strategies to:

 Win Your Audience Before You Say A Word 

What you will learn: 

Each session is tailored to address your challenges with an agenda and budget that must meet with your approval.  Then, decide if this is right for you.  There's no obligation. 

Topics may include:

  • Your audience is thin-slicing you.  Learn to take advantage of it
  • My exclusive checklist for developing and delivering your strategic story even if you don't believe you're a good storyteller
  • Techniques and technologies to keep your short-attention-span audience engaged and off their smartphones 

Satisfaction is guaranteed or there's no fee. Connect  or learn more below. 


Can you answer a reporter's question in seven seconds and still communicate your message? 

That's the average length of a broadcast soundbite.  Print quotes are becoming shorter, too. 

Can you stay on message during a flurry of reporters' questions?  Do you know the techniques for appearing in a live television interview and staying on message without distraction?  Do you know how to connect with your audience beyond the audience?  Do you understand the strategies necessary to answer any question succinctly and with confidence? 

I'll uncover three techniques every leader should know before conducting a media interview. 

This isn't theory.  These arepractical lessons learned over a long career as a media spokesperson, delivering the right quote and soundbite under deadline.  Today, I still stand before television cameras and the media. 

I'll share my techniques and we'll run through mock interviews to make certain your responses are on message. 

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​What will your organization learn in a half or full-day interactive, engaging seminar?

Today's audience has a short-attention-span.  Take advantage of it.

With my proven checklist system, anyone can employ these public-speaking, presentation and media strategies to develop and deliver a strategic story that can turn any audience into engaged future advocates, customers or clients. 

​​That's why this results-based system is so important and can be taught in either a half-day or full-day session in an interactive, role-playing format anywhere to a few leaders or many.

Follow-up one-on-one consulting is also available to address specific challenges. 

If your objectives are not met, for whatever reason,there is no fee. 

"What's the instructional difference between a half-day or full-day session?" 

The half-day session, which lasts about three hours, is more of an interactive executive-summary with limited small-group activity. 

The full-day session allows us to explore these proven strategies in greater detail and engage in simulation and role-playing exercises.  

Lectures are boring

That's why the presentation is conducted in an active-learning format that allows participants to integrate lessons into their unique style and address their challenges.  

An agenda will be tailored to address your objectives.   Let's connect.  There's no obligation. 

You have the final say on the agenda in this role-playing, interactive format to make certain your objectives are met. Here are some lessons:  

  • The 3 Keys To Captivate and Capture Any Audience in Seconds
  • Technologies To Engage Your Audience and Keep Them Off Their Smart Phones
  • Your Audience is Thin-Slicing You.  Take Advantage of It. 
  • ​Understanding Your Speaking Style - Why Authenticity Matters 
  • Developing and Delivering A Strategic Story 
  • The Ladder and Burrito Techniques For Building Your Talk/Presentation
  •  How to Start and Finish Strong

I've spent over 30 years in the fires of public persuasion, working with leaders in politics, public affairs and business and if our message didn't engage the audience, we lost. There was that much at stake. 

I've taken only the most successful lessons and distilled them into a "checklist" system and strategy based on key principles that any leader can use to inspire and engage new advocates, clients and customers in any audience in seconds. That's right. Seconds.


My team or individual training is guaranteed to address your objectives.  If you are not 100% satisfied with any seminar or educational program for whatever reason, THE FEE WILL BE CANCELLED.   No fine print.

Mark R. Mills