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How is this different?​​

There are a many very good public speaking/messaging seminars and coaches.  ​

But most (not all) want to make the participants fit their system.  Here's the problem:  that may

work for a while, but eventually the "student" will resort back to the old ways out of habit and the

same problems will re-emerge and nothing's been solved...okay, maybe a few pointers or tips but

not much more.  My clients (and I) have been through plenty of these and that's why this is different. 

I adapt my 3 keys to fit your style and challenge, using specifically-tailored simulation exercises 

in a team seminar or one-on-one session that will allow you to immediately integrate the lessons.

"Why do we have to share our concerns?  

"Can't we just get a seminar that covers some tips and techniques?"

It's a common question, so please allow me to answer it with a story:

Let's say you haven't been feeling well lately.   You know there's a problem, but you can't quite figure out what to do about it.  

You have two choices:  go to a walk-in clinic or factory-doctor's office.  They'll ask about your symptoms, give you a generic prescription and send you on your way.  Maybe it'll work.  Maybe it won't. 

Or, you can go to a physician who spends real time with you, asks critical questions, sees how to solve the puzzle and addresses the underlying issues that will allow your body to heal and restore your quality of life. 

I'm the second one.  Only, I address messaging issues for leaders who have ideas that matter.​

There are tons of public speaking seminars and some quite good ones.  But most are trying to fit you into their system. That's not how I work.

 For 30 years, I've been in the fires of public persuasion, developing messaging programs, standing before the news media and working with political and business leaders to communicate great causes and ideas.  If we didn't inspire, engage and mobilize our audience, we lost.  It was that simple. 

Frankly, I'm not interested in educating you.  I care about solving your messaging challenges (okay, problems) so that you can effectively communicate your great idea that will make a difference.  And in my experience, the best way to accomplish this is with role-playing exercises that build on the limited instruction. 

In the end, your messaging program, public speech/talk, presentation or media strategy is about communicating something will improve lives, communities, our nation, the world.   I want you to be able to stand before your audience with confidence and conviction to engage them in a message that matters.

That's why I ask.  

Why simulation and role-playing exercises? ​​

...the confidence to inspire, engage and mobilize your audience to join you in a great cause or idea that will make a difference.

...simulation and role-playing exercises so that you can immediately implement the lessons, giving you...

Quite simply, practicing the process is the best way to learn and far more engaging than a lecture. 

The active-learning exercises, whether in a team small-group setting or one-on-one session, are written specifically to meet your objective.  

Participants are challenged to consider how the lesson can be implemented to address a pressing public speaking, presentation, media or messaging concern. ​​

A proven 3-step system that will be adapted to fit your style and address your objectives in public speaking/presentations, media or messaging through ...

My media messaging system isn't theory.  It's based on years of standing before the media and working with business and political

leaders to perform under pressure.  


Confidentially, tell me your greatest challenge. (Yes, I will sign a confidentiality agreement if you require one).  I'll propose a specific agenda - with my 3-step system and specific simulation exercises - and a budget.  Then, decide if this is right for you.  There's no obligation.  

Even after our session, satisfaction is guaranteed or the fee is waived.  No fine print.  

Email me or call 407-617-7284 (I travel around the country).  I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

​​​​​​​"Mark’s three-step leadership messaging system has given me the CONFIDENCE TO SERVE AS THE VOICE of our new outreach strategy. In the one-on-one training session, Mark used simulation and role-playing exercises to address my specific challenges and create an intuitive process that fit my style. I can’t recommend this training enough.” 
Executive Director, international trade association, 2018

“I’ve often felt intimidated pitching stories to reporters. But after my phone session with Mark, learning his three-step system through role-playing exercises, I’m now MORE CONFIDENT AND EXCITED ABOUT THE SUCCESS we’ll see from our media program.” 
Manager, national Public Relations, Baltimore, 2018

Tailored team seminars and one-on-one sessions use specifically-designed role-playing exercises to help you PRACTICE THE PROCESS for implementing the 3 lessons you need to confidently motivate and mobilize any audience with your public speech, presentation, media interview or messaging strategy.

HERE'S HOW THIS WORKS:  Confidentially share your most pressing messaging challenge or audacious objective and I'll propose a specific agenda and budget.  Then, decide if it's right for you.  There's no obligation in advance.  Even after our session, if you're not satisfied, the fee is waived.  

In just 3 steps,

motivate and mobilize any audience

behind a message that matters. 

Learn how by 

practicing the process. 

If you're not satisfied, there's no fee. 

Mark R. Mills



What will you learn in a team seminar or one-on-one session?

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