Mark R. Mills


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While I will speak to any group anywhere, I am primarily available in Florida (Orlando/I-4 corridor), the Southeastern U.S. and the San Diego area. 

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I use interactive exercises to engage the audience in a discussion on any of these topics: 

Politics and Public Policy

  • Our Political System Can Be Saved With Just 3 Changes
  • How Business Experience Can Transform Politics
  • Floridafornia:  How Florida's Politics Will Look More Like California's In The Future And How To Be Ready

Leadership Messaging

  • Today's Audience is Thin-Slicing You;  Use It To Your Advantage
  • How to Win Today's Audience in Seconds And Keep Them Off Their Smartphones
  • Persuasion As We've Been Taught Is Dead. Instead, Here Are Three Keys To Win Today's Short-Attention-Span Audience